While working on a post about Aliasing in PowerShell I wanted to know what commandlets I use on a regular basis.

So I created a commandlet to do just that, you can find it over on my GitLab. Unfortunately I’m limited to analyzing the current session, as history is not saved beyond that.

PS> Get-CommandUsage

Count Name
----- ----
   43 Get-History
   36 Select-String
   29 Select-Object
   28 Group-Object
   21 Get-Verb
   19 Write-Output
    6 Get-Alias
    5 Update-TypeData
    5 Format-Table
    3 Get-Help
    3 Get-CommandUsage
    2 Get-Test
    2 Start-Transcript
    2 Stop-Transcript
    1 New-Alias
    1 Get-ChildItem
    1 Write-Host
    1 Get-Verbs

I may expand on this in the future with the ability to specify a transcript file or history output file, if you want to chime in and add something like that feel free to open a MR on GitLab