$arguments = @{
  Name = "mkamner"
  FullName = "Marco Kamner"
  Description = "Automate all the things!"
  Password = $mySecret
New-LocalUser @arguments

My Work

On days I work at a medium sized cloud provider in germany.

My history is in Windows Server and Exchange Administration but I have since transitioned to designing and implementing automation and wrangling data from one place to the other - commonly referred to as reporting.

In my free time I dabble my feet in Python and the Django Framework, various OpenSource Projects and go bicycle riding.

Beyond all of that I founded my own company with my dad where we work on getting german companies into the cloud.

How I See Myself

Over the last years I transitioned from being a classic “google and click” sysadmin to learning about and actually appreciating the windows eco-system. With it’s PowerShell I transitioned from classic sysadmin work to automating basically everything.

You may call me DevOps - and that ma be accurate in our current state of the industry. However, for me this is a basic part of working in IT.

If you don’t interact with the business, developers and everyone else in the business how could you ever provide value to them?

What To Expect Here

I started this blog to force myself to finish my book by committing to it publicly, you can follow my work here.

Along the way I plan to share some of my knowledge, personal opinions and experiences.